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AHC Funds for Green and Healthy Homes for Staten Islanders

Staten Island residents can now look forward to living in greener and healthier homes, thanks to the Affordable Housing Corporation (AHC).

A not-for-profit organization, AHC, has announced funding for green and healthy home renovations on Staten Island.

The AHC, founded in 1985, provides loans, grants, and tax incentives to support affordable housing and homeownership across New York state.

With the new funding, homeowners on Staten Island can now access financial support for making their homes more environmentally friendly and healthy.

The green and healthy homes program is designed to improve the energy efficiency of homes and reduce the exposure of residents to environmental hazards.

The program provides financing for a range of projects including the installation of energy-efficient appliances, air conditioning systems, and ventilation systems.

Moreover, the program encourages the use of sustainable building materials and the adoption of environmentally friendly practices during renovation work.

This way, homeowners on Staten Island can improve the value of their properties while promoting sustainable living and reducing their carbon footprint.

The AHC’s funding will support local contractors, creating employment opportunities and helping to boost the local economy.

The initiative will also help Staten Island residents to save on energy bills and reduce the risk of respiratory illness and other health problems associated with poor indoor air quality.

The AHC has partnered with various organizations to support the green and healthy homes program on Staten Island.

The Staten Island Not-For-Profit Association (SINFPA) is one of the partners that have been instrumental in the program’s success.

In an interview with silive.com, Staten Island Not-For-Profit Association (SINFPA) Executive Director, Jennifer Dudley, said, “We’re excited to partner with AHC on this program, which will help to ensure that homes on Staten Island are healthy and energy-efficient.”

She added, “The program provides much-needed support for homeowners who want to make their homes healthier, while also supporting local businesses and creating jobs.”

The AHC’s funding for green and healthy homes on Staten Island is an excellent opportunity for homeowners to make their properties more environmentally friendly and healthy.

The initiative supports sustainable living and economic growth, making it a win-win for Staten Islanders.

If you’re a Staten Island homeowner interested in the AHC’s green and healthy homes program, you can find more information at https://www.silive.com/news/2015/02/staten_island_not-for-profit_g.html.

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